Leblon Foods, Inc. is a dairy product Manufacturer and Distributor located in Kearny, New Jersey.

Our story begins with Marcelo Ferreira, a Brazilian born man who came to America for his education. His family background had some farming roots and he was familiar with cheesemaking, so after graduation, he realized the market for Hispanic products around the Tri-State area and he began his career. He was a one man business at first, making the cheese and distributing from the cooler in the rear of his trusty Honda car.

The business grew and soon Marcelo had refrigerated trucks and hired drivers dispatching them around the North East. He continued to handmake cheese and expanded to selling Yogurts, Ice Cream, Chorizos, new Cheeses, all geared for the Hispanic population.

The team that Marcelo built serves as the foundation for growth as Leblon has continued to grow and look to the future. We continue the business that Marcelo was so devoted to and plan a long relationship with our customers and suppliers. 


Welcome to Leblon Foods, a brand dedication to top quality food items from American, Latino, and Brazilian cuisines. Leblon Foods was established out of pure love for food by a group of foodies who have extensive knowledge about the delicious foods of the world. We invest our passion into this business to cater to our consumers with the best food selection.


We are happy to bring to you a diverse selection of foods. We feature American, Latino, and Brazilian foods, ranging in type and category, from dairy products to meat, desserts, cheeses, olives, and much more. All our foods come in proper packaging and are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious !


If there’s one thing we absolutely emphasize upon, it is quality. We only source our products from reputable vendors and businesses, and guarantee that the foods are packaged properly to keep them intact and fresh. We believe when it comes to food, they can only be delicious if they are top quality so you will never find any low quality foods here !


These are the elements of Leblon Foods. All foods are sourced and delivered fresh, ensuring their best taste and quality is maintained. All foods are prepared hygienically and are packaged in safe, industry standard packaging. And lastly, our foods are delicious through and through. Whether you go for an American dairy product or a Brazilian dessert, you will love the richness of it and how flavorful it is. Anyone who tries Leblon Foods falls in love with the taste !


Serving local Brazilian, Latin, and American communities with products locally produced when possible with food that’s delicious and affordable.


At Leblon Foods, we’re first and foremost a community-­‐based food manufacturer and distributor. That’s why we constantly research and strategize new ways to to deliver food safely and efficiently. By teaming up with like-­‐minded partners to provide our customers with the best service and support, we stay on the forefront of transforming ourselves into a more sustainable food producer and distributor. Through our dedication to best practices, we remain committed to achieving our vision of serving our local communities.